4 Tips to Stay Calm when Driving in Competitions like the Scottish Rally 2001

If you want to perform at your best in big races such as the Scottish Rally 2001, you have to keep yourself composed and calm. If you are not able to control yourself and let too much excitement and nervousness kick in before or during the race, then chances are you will lose your confidence.

There are many factors that may cause you to get nervous before the start of the race. These factors include the importance of the competition, how good and aggressive your opponents are, and the size of the crowd among others.

So, how can you stay calm before and during the race? Read the tips from RSAC Motorsport.

Focus on the present

It is easy to lose your concentration by jumping ahead to what is coming, the future. Losing your concentration may also even happen when you drift your focus back to the past. These things result in nervousness.

If you want to stay cool and calm then focus on the ‘now’, do not think about the upcoming events. Take it one step at a time, focus on the race and give it you’re all.

stay calm when driving dirt - 4 Tips to Stay Calm when Driving in Competitions like the Scottish Rally 2001

Learn how to maintain your focus

So, you already have learned how to focus on the present, the ‘now’. However, chances are you will still lose your focus along the way and get into the possibility of drifting back to the past. Consistency is very important.

That being said, you have to know if your focus is time travelling and be able to get it back on track.

Focus on the race

This is another thing involving focus that you have to keep in mind. Never allow yourself to focus on anything else than race. Presence of mind is important. Do not think too much about your opponents, the people who might get disappointed if you lose, or what the coach is probably thinking.

Again, focus on your job and do your best from the start up to the finish. Also, do not make comparisons as this will only make you nervous.

Have fun

Performing at your best and maintaining your focus does not mean that you do not have fun. The secret ingredient for you to stay cool and calm is to have fun. Do not pressure yourself, do not get too serious.

Do not let yourself be eaten up by nervousness. Remember that if the fun fades away then performing at your best will be out of your reach.

Avoid the danger of choking in the race with the tips above. There is also more information about rally race preparation on the internet, check them out as well.

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