4 Safety Innovations for Motorsport in Scotland

There is always an element of danger in every sport. And motorsport in Scotland is not an exception. However, innovations and measures have been developed and implemented in recent years.

The main goal is to make the sportsafer for drivers and fans alike. Since manoeuvring a car is never easy, such innovations help a lot.

It takes a combination of experience and skills to get your way around the track. It is no easy feat, that’s for sure. Drivers even spend a lot of their time in the gym just to build the necessary stamina and strength required to steer the wheel straight for several hours.

They also spend years of training before stepping on the track. So, safety is very important.

Today, there are full-face helmets being used to protect the drivers better. But that alone is not enough. Here are the other innovations for safety purposes in motorsport in Scotland. Take a look at them.

SAFER barriers

4 safety innovations barriers - 4 Safety Innovations for Motorsport in Scotland

SAFER, also known as the Steel and Foam Energy Reduction Barrier, is a lining in the walls of the oval track. It is sometimes referred to as the soft wall and is set up to serve the purpose of absorbing the impact during a crash.

There would still be damage but compared to concrete walls, these barriers are much safer. Many tracks in Scotland use SAFER today and it is a good thing.

Fire suits

4 safety innovations fire suit - 4 Safety Innovations for Motorsport in Scotland

Yes, it is true that racing suits make you look cool. But it is not only being worn to make you look cool though. It also contributes to the overall safety of the driver.

The majority of the drivers in Scotland wear a special type of suit known as fire-retardant suits, shoes, gloves, and undergarments to protect their body when there is a fire.

HANS device

4 safety innovations helmet - 4 Safety Innovations for Motorsport in Scotland

HANS or the Head and Neck Support device helps to secure the helmet to the body of the driver. It is also referred to as a head restraint. Its main purpose is to prevent the head of the driver from whipping around when a crash happens.

This innovation has been around for years but is continuing to be developed to function better and make drivers safer.


4 safety innovations seats - 4 Safety Innovations for Motorsport in Scotland

Seats have also evolved and have been developed through time to improve safety. High technology is now being used in the manufacturing of these seats. So, instead of using aluminium, carbon fibre is now being used.

Carbon fibre absorbs impacts better than aluminium. The seats today are also designed to wrap around the rib cage of the driver during a crash.

With all the innovations mentioned above, it is hard to imagine a time when drivers did not have any of these safety measures at their disposal.