4 Safety Innovations for Motorsport in Scotland

There is always an element of danger in every sport. And motorsport in Scotland is not an exception. However, innovations and measures have been developed and implemented in recent years.

The main goal is to make the sportsafer for drivers and fans alike. Since manoeuvring a car is never easy, such innovations help a lot.

It takes a combination of experience and skills to get your way around the track. It is no easy feat, that’s for sure. Drivers even spend a lot of their time in the gym just to build the necessary stamina and strength required to steer the wheel straight for several hours.

They also spend years of training before stepping on the track. So, safety is very important.

Today, there are full-face helmets being used to protect the drivers better. But that alone is not enough. Here are the other innovations for safety purposes in motorsport in Scotland. Take a look at them.

SAFER barriers

4 safety innovations barriers - 4 Safety Innovations for Motorsport in Scotland

SAFER, also known as the Steel and Foam Energy Reduction Barrier, is a lining in the walls of the oval track. It is sometimes referred to as the soft wall and is set up to serve the purpose of absorbing the impact during a crash.

There would still be damage but compared to concrete walls, these barriers are much safer. Many tracks in Scotland use SAFER today and it is a good thing.

Fire suits

4 safety innovations fire suit - 4 Safety Innovations for Motorsport in Scotland

Yes, it is true that racing suits make you look cool. But it is not only being worn to make you look cool though. It also contributes to the overall safety of the driver.

The majority of the drivers in Scotland wear a special type of suit known as fire-retardant suits, shoes, gloves, and undergarments to protect their body when there is a fire.

HANS device

4 safety innovations helmet - 4 Safety Innovations for Motorsport in Scotland

HANS or the Head and Neck Support device helps to secure the helmet to the body of the driver. It is also referred to as a head restraint. Its main purpose is to prevent the head of the driver from whipping around when a crash happens.

This innovation has been around for years but is continuing to be developed to function better and make drivers safer.


4 safety innovations seats - 4 Safety Innovations for Motorsport in Scotland

Seats have also evolved and have been developed through time to improve safety. High technology is now being used in the manufacturing of these seats. So, instead of using aluminium, carbon fibre is now being used.

Carbon fibre absorbs impacts better than aluminium. The seats today are also designed to wrap around the rib cage of the driver during a crash.

With all the innovations mentioned above, it is hard to imagine a time when drivers did not have any of these safety measures at their disposal.


4 Interesting Facts about Scotland Motorsport Events

Motorsport in Scotland is a big thing. A lot of people got hooked and races in the different parts of the country are always a full house. Many members of the population are looking to land a job in the motorsport industry too.

Motorsport in Scotland is also one of the most competitive industries in the world. It is battled by seasoned professional drivers.

Are you new to the world of motorsport? Planning to get yourself into the race venue to watch motorsport races for the first time? If you are then it would be a good idea to learn some basic but interesting facts about motorsport in Scotland first.

Motorsport events in Scotland are everywhere. Here are the interesting facts that you should know.

Motorsport events can be dangerous

This is an undeniable fact. Since driving at extremely high speeds is needed in the majority of motorsport events, the driver can be in danger all the time. This is especially true for public street races. However, drivers know and understand the danger.

They have accepted reality and choose to race despite it. They do this for their career goals.

scotland motorsport events rally crash - 4 Interesting Facts about Scotland Motorsport Events

Two types of audience

Motorsport events in Scotland are flooded with spectators every time. And there could be two different types of them. The first type is the enthusiasts. These are the individuals who are very passionate about the sport and also have knowledge about it.

They are the ones who are used to the changing weather and come to the track early.

The second type is the members of the general spectators. Often, members of the local community, these are those who just attend events because it is close. For a crowd manager, knowing the type of spectator is very important. Different approaches are used to manage them.


Volunteers play vital roles in the majority of motorsport events in Scotland. Some even say that these events would not be possible without the volunteers. Most of the race committees are composed of volunteers.

These are the people whose love and passion for the sport are incomparable. Volunteers in motorsport events have pros and cons though.

The press

Motorsport events would not be complete without the members of the press. They are everywhere. And they can be hard to manage sometimes too.

Motorsport events are special and the things above are some of the reasons why.


How to Look for a Job in Motorsport in Scotland – 5 Updated Ways

The motorsport industry in Scotland is thriving and is getting popular day by day. This is the reason why a lot of people are aiming to get into the industry and start a career there. Being a pro-driver is not the only job that is available in the motorsport industry.

There are other jobs too, but the motorsport industry is highly competitive, this is also true for jobseekers.

However, if you have what it takes, if you have the necessary skills, stamina, and experience to be part of the motorsport world then do the job hunting now. The motorsport industry is a glamorous world and being a part of it is a privilege.

Whether you want to be a pro motorsport driver or a motorsport mechanic, these updated ways can help you get a job.

Follow the social media channels of recruiters

job in motorsport social network - How to Look for a Job in Motorsport in Scotland – 5 Updated Ways

The racing teams in the motorsport world usually have a huge following and fan base. Due to the popularity of their brand, they can attract a great number of audiences. This number is evident in their social media channels and websites.

These companies may post job vacancies on their social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook that you can take advantage of.

Send CV to special recruitment agencies

job in motorsport cv - How to Look for a Job in Motorsport in Scotland – 5 Updated Ways

Many motorsport companies and teams get the help of specialized agencies. They do this to get the best possible people for their job vacancies. This allows them to connect directly to jobseekers.

This is also something that you have to take advantage of. These agencies have online platforms where you can register and send your CV.

Attend jobs fair

job in motorsport job fair - How to Look for a Job in Motorsport in Scotland – 5 Updated Ways

There are some job fairs that are organized by the motorsport industry every year in Scotland. These are events that you have to participate in. These events are free and will give you the chance to meet big motorsport companies.

Motorsport job fairs are also a good avenue for you to learn about the motorsport industry and what they do.

Activate your network

job in motorsport handshake - How to Look for a Job in Motorsport in Scotland – 5 Updated Ways

Networking is an important requirement if you want to have a successful career in the motorsport industry. Having the right connections would do wonder for jobseekers like you.

Try to keep in touch with people you know from the past who are now working in the motorsport world. Prepare your professional cards and build your professional network.

Get volunteering

job in motorsport volunteers - How to Look for a Job in Motorsport in Scotland – 5 Updated Ways

Time is very important in the motorsport industry. The industry thrives on speed. The fast-paced nature of the motorsport world requires it to only hire people with practical experience.

They hire people who do not only rely on theoretical knowledge. That being said, you have to keep up with the competition, learn by volunteering first.

It does not matter if you do it through holiday, part-time, or pure volunteer work. What matters most are the lessons you learn as you get a glimpse of what the motorsport industry in Scotland is all about.

Land your job in the motorsport industry in Scotland now with the ways mentioned in this article.


3 Pro-Driving Tricks for Public Street Racing in Scotland

We should all admit that public street races are becoming a thing nowadays. While many are against it, it is continuing to become popular.

The youth are the common ones who see public street races as a great source of fun and entertainment. That is why it is still a good idea to learn about street racing safety tips.

If you are someone who wants to delve into public street races, make sure you have what it takes. RSAC Motorsport wants you to set the right foot forward as you embark on a public street racing adventure. Learn pro-driving tips below to help you to up your performance on the road.

Focusing on the car ahead is a big no

Focusing on the car ahead is a big no 1024x682 - 3 Pro-Driving Tricks for Public Street Racing in Scotland

Do not commit the mistake of focusing on the car just ahead of you. If you let your eyes be glued to the car in front then you are getting yourself into trouble. This is not safe. The tendency is you are going to copy what the driver ahead does.

This is going to be a problem especially if you are already in the race track as it will make you take a bad line.

Look through the windshield of the car ahead

Look through the windshield of the car ahead 1024x682 - 3 Pro-Driving Tricks for Public Street Racing in Scotland

Most drivers focus on the bottom half of their windshield. That is something that you have to avoid doing most of the time. Instead, try to look through the windshield of the car ahead of you.

And if there are two or more cars in front then focus your eyes on the spaces between. Doing it this way will make you aware of the dangers ahead and help you do the right thing.

Focus on the spot where you want to be

Focus on the spot where you want to be 1024x682 - 3 Pro-Driving Tricks for Public Street Racing in Scotland

A good pro-public street racer knows how to do hand-eye coordination properly. That being said, you have to focus on where you want your car to end up. Doing it this way will help your hands and feet and unconsciously guide them to manoeuvre the car to the right spot.

The tricks above are proven techniques. Apply them to your driving journey and be a rockstar in public street racing.


3 Ways to Become a Pro Motorsport Driver and Win Motorsport Awards in Scotland

Being a pro motorsport driver will make you look cool. Once you become a pro, fame and women will follow. This is especially true if you compete in big races. However, becoming a pro motorsport driver is a daunting task.

Once you become a pro motorsport driver, the next daunting task that you have to overcome is winning motorsport awards. Your race profile will only become more attractive if you receive awards.

However, not all race drivers have the opportunity to enjoy receiving awards. So, what are the ways that you can follow to become a pro driver and win awards?

RSAC motorsport has created a list of ways for you. These ways are simple but effective. You can also learn more through our career resources page.

Networking is the key

win motorsport awards networking - 3 Ways to Become a Pro Motorsport Driver and Win Motorsport Awards in Scotland

If there is one thing that you have to prepare at all times, it is your personal business card. The world of motorsport is very small and connections would help a lot for you to get more opportunities.

That being said, you have to make sure that everyone will know about your goals and ambitions. Once you achieve something, let them know as well.

A manager is not needed

win motorsport awards business man - 3 Ways to Become a Pro Motorsport Driver and Win Motorsport Awards in Scotland

The best person to make your career flourish is yourself. The best person to manage your career is yourself as well. It all depends on how well you are in selling your passion, building your contacts, making a successful business package, and work hard.

If you do not want a drain on your financial resources then do not get a manager, at least for now.

Be more than a driver

win motorsport awards driver - 3 Ways to Become a Pro Motorsport Driver and Win Motorsport Awards in Scotland

The secret to being a successful motorsport driver and winning awards in Scotland is being the complete package. Do not stop at being just a driver. Be active in social media, grow your fan base, and practice interviews.

Be as attractive and worthy as possible to sponsors. Be the one to build your own brand. Motorsport awards should just be your profile add-ons.

Be a calm driver and win it all with the effective ways shared above.


4 Tips to Stay Calm when Driving in Competitions like the Scottish Rally 2001

If you want to perform at your best in big races such as the Scottish Rally 2001, you have to keep yourself composed and calm. If you are not able to control yourself and let too much excitement and nervousness kick in before or during the race, then chances are you will lose your confidence.

There are many factors that may cause you to get nervous before the start of the race. These factors include the importance of the competition, how good and aggressive your opponents are, and the size of the crowd among others.

So, how can you stay calm before and during the race? Read the tips from RSAC Motorsport.

Focus on the present

It is easy to lose your concentration by jumping ahead to what is coming, the future. Losing your concentration may also even happen when you drift your focus back to the past. These things result in nervousness.

If you want to stay cool and calm then focus on the ‘now’, do not think about the upcoming events. Take it one step at a time, focus on the race and give it you’re all.

stay calm when driving dirt - 4 Tips to Stay Calm when Driving in Competitions like the Scottish Rally 2001

Learn how to maintain your focus

So, you already have learned how to focus on the present, the ‘now’. However, chances are you will still lose your focus along the way and get into the possibility of drifting back to the past. Consistency is very important.

That being said, you have to know if your focus is time travelling and be able to get it back on track.

Focus on the race

This is another thing involving focus that you have to keep in mind. Never allow yourself to focus on anything else than race. Presence of mind is important. Do not think too much about your opponents, the people who might get disappointed if you lose, or what the coach is probably thinking.

Again, focus on your job and do your best from the start up to the finish. Also, do not make comparisons as this will only make you nervous.

Have fun

Performing at your best and maintaining your focus does not mean that you do not have fun. The secret ingredient for you to stay cool and calm is to have fun. Do not pressure yourself, do not get too serious.

Do not let yourself be eaten up by nervousness. Remember that if the fun fades away then performing at your best will be out of your reach.

Avoid the danger of choking in the race with the tips above. There is also more information about rally race preparation on the internet, check them out as well.